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New Rex the Rescue Pup Pak

Start the child safety conversation with our new Rex the Rescue Pup Pak! This fun and informative collection tells the story of Rex the Rescue Pup, a young bloodhound who is searching for his special talent on the farm. Kids and parents can talk about what to do if a child gets lost and then prepare the included Child Safety Kit that preserves a child’s unique scent for up to 10 years. It’s never too early for family members to learn and talk about how to keep kids safe and the steps they can take to bring them home safely should go missing. Includes:

  • NEW Rex’s doghouse and Child Safety Kit storage.
  • Rex stuffed animal
  • Rex the Rescue Pup full-color illustrated book
  • Child Safety Kit
  • Rex badge and book character stickers
  • Specialized Jar
  • Sterile Gauze Pad
  • Child Identification Kit – Fingerprints, Photos, Dental, Photo, and more
  • ID Label
  • Non-Allergenic Gloves
  • Tamper Proof Tape
  • Detailed Instructions


Rex and Child Safety

Rex the Rescue Pup is a fun way to help kids discover the importance of finding their unique talents. While trying to fit in with the other animals on the farm, the young bloodhound soon learns how his extraordinary differences can be used to help find the lost and bring them home safely.

Excerpt from Rex the Rescue pup

Written by first-time author, Cassie Coley, the book was designed to create awareness for the work her family does to help locate missing children using Scent Discriminate K9’s like Rex.

Cassie lives in central Florida where she works at a counseling agency and non-profit organization while obtaining a master’s degree in mental health counseling. From an early age, she demonstrated a passion for investing in individual well-being and health and uses her intellectual and artistic talents to construct forms of encouragement.

Her father, Paul Coley, is a former FBI Forensic Canine Specialist and founder-CEO of Scent Evidence K9, a leading national provider of Scent Preservation Kit® products and Scent Discriminate K9 Training for law enforcement agencies. Paul also works with Autism and Alzheimer’s Disease organizations to help protect those at greater risk of going missing. His groundbreaking Scent Preservation Kit® is being utilized by law enforcement agencies, family members, and caregivers around the world to help protect those they love and care for.

Rex the Rescue Pup features full-color illustrations by Joe Blanton and photography by Tammy Grider.

Starting the Conversation Early with Rex the Rescue Pup

Rex the Rescue Pup helps parents and caregivers open the door to discussions with kids about child safety issues. When it comes to having a talk about child safety,
the sooner the better. Rex the Rescue Pup makes starting that conversation easy and kids can even become deputies of Rex’s Rescue Team with the book’s included participation page.

In addition to the book, Rex the Rescue Pup will regularly post child safety tips and be a valuable future resource for precautions to help keep children safe.

Child Safety Kit

Child Safety Kit and Scent Preservation

The FBI reported that 450,000 children went missing in 2017.  The Child Safety Kit provides an extra layer of safety for children, in case they go missing.

A person’s scent is as unique as their fingerprint and can last up to 10 years when stored in our scientifically-tested kit. Having a scent kit prepared can significantly increase a dog’s ability to locate a child and reduces the time it takes to bring them home safely.

Our Child Safety Kit can be applied in minutes and contains a specially-treated scent storage jar, sterile scent pad, ID label, tamper-proof seal, and Child ID kit with fingerprint/DNA collection materials.

Why Do I Need A Scent Preservation Kit?

Scent Kit Innovator Presents Missing Person Response Solutions at Florida’s Capital4.5 Million people have gone missing in the past 20 years. When Scent Evidence K9 hosted kidnap victim and child safety advocate, Elizabeth Smart, during Florida’s 2018 Children’s Week event, we were reminded that the unthinkable can happen to people from every walk of life. Children with Autism are even more at risk to wander and go missing. The American Pediatrics Association states that children with autism have an almost 50% chance of going missing at least once before age 17. Preserving scent gives those you love and care for an extra layer of protection should they go missing.

Rex Has Everything You Need In His Doghouse

The New Rex the Rescue Pup Pak contains everything you need to start the child safety conversation. Kids can preserve their own scent while having fun and learning at the same time. Parents can be confident that they have taken an important step in protecting their children if they get lost or go missing. Bring Rex home to your family TODAY! Click HERE for your Rex the Rescue Pup Pak.