Scent Discriminate Patrol Dog Trails Suspected Car Thief

A Scent Discriminate Patrol Dog was used by the Winnebago County Sheriffs Office to trail a suspected car thief. Using the scent collection and trailing techniques developed by Scent Evidence K9, WCSO K9 Units are finding success with patrol dogs in searches usually deployed by bloodhounds.

Here are the details of a search conducted on 11-12-19 by the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office in IL.

On 11-12-19, Sr. Deputy, Eric Pearson, and K9 Chico were called to conduct a track from an unoccupied stolen vehicle in Winnebago County. Scent was collected from the vehicle. Chico was given the collected scent and a search was conducted. The track ended 1/2 mile from the vehicle. Video was obtained confirming the stolen vehicle turning onto the road where it was abandoned and a suspect that they had believed to be involved going to the vicinity where the trail ended. The trail was 8 hours old. This case is still under investigation at this time.

Bloodhounds or Patrol Dogs? Which is best for human scent discriminate trailing?

“While bloodhounds are considered the “Cadillac” for human scent discriminate trailing, we are finding that we can significantly increase a patrol dog’s scent discriminate capabilities using our training methods and scent collection techniques,” said Scent Evidence K9 CEO, Paul Coley. The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office has both bloodhounds and patrol dogs like Chico. Deputy Pearson, trained by Scent Evidence K9 and has now had successes with both K9 types.

WCSO Deputy Eric Pearson and scent discriminate bloodhound Sadie

Bloodhounds have unique physical qualities that make them the first choice for scent discriminate trailing in missing person searches and trailing suspects. Bloodhounds can work aged trails, sometimes days or weeks old, over long distances and a variety of environmental conditions. Traditionally, patrol dogs are trained to track ground disturbance or footfall, which can limit their capability to effectively search for a specific person.

Coley has developed a Human Scent Discriminate Training Program that uses a data-driven process system to increase search results for K9 responders.  He has also developed a line of scent collection technology products designed to give responders the best tools to start the search and collect evidence.

Recently Coley has been using those training techniques and technology with K-9 Units in 3 Florida Counties as part of The Bringing The Lost Home Project, a bill that was passed this summer to improve missing person response capabilities for Florida’s wandering populations with Alzheimer’s Disease and Autism. Learn more about Alzheimer’s and Wandering HERE.

The Bay, Seminole, and Sumter County Sheriffs Offices have both bloodhound and patrol dog teams. Coley, who has trained a variety of European breeds in Germany and Switzerland, applied his training methods to the Florida Malinois and Shepherd teams. After just a few days, the Bay County K9 team deployed on a case with their newly trained scent discriminate patrol dog and successfully located a suspect. Read more here…

“Bloodhounds are the go-to in a missing person case or when you’re trailing a suspect but being able to add human scent discriminate trailing to your existing patrol dog resources can increase search response results when bloodhounds are not an option or the deployment requires additional K9 support. Departments like the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office and handler’s like Deputy Pearson are helping us stretch the boundaries of patrol dog search capabilities,” stated Coley.

Scent Evidence K9 is gathering data from the deployment successes of their law enforcement partners to determine trail age, length, and environmental parameters for scent discriminate patrol dogs. “Our teams are having success and I believe we are on the right trail,” added Coley.  GREAT JOB Deputy Pearson and K9 Chico!

To learn more about Human Scent Discriminate K9 Trailing CLICK HERE.