Dogs and Drones Training


Former FBI Forensic Canine Operations Specialist and Scent Evidence K9 Founder-CEO, Paul Coley, is joined by Professor David Merrick, FSU Emergency Management and Homeland Security Director, for a comprehensive 4-day workshop that focuses on the integration of UAS drone technology and K9 search operations. Coley and Merrick will present the benefits that drone overwatch and reconnaissance bring to K9 trailing deployments and how they are working together to cover more territory, maximize search efforts, and keep K9 Units safer on the trail.

Missing Person Response Protocol Training

Price: $1500.00  4-Day Course - Participants will learn new integrated search strategies of scent discriminate K-9 trailing and drone operations with expert demonstrations, class workshops, and live trailing/search deployment exercises for handlers and operators. Training is located in Tallahassee, FL at the Scent Evidence K9 corporate office. Our Tallahassee location provides great outdoor and urban trailing opportunities in the heart of the city near the Florida State University campus. Space is limited so register early to secure your participation. 


Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the Basic Scientific Principles of Human Scent.
  • Know 5 Primary Scent Collection Methods.
  • Utilize Scent Collection Tech to Obtain Odor at the Scene.
  • Have Awareness of Search Strategies Developed by FBI and
    Limitations of Each.
  • Know How Drones are Used in Conjunction with Trailing.
  • Understand Missing Person Response Protocols.
  • Understand Drone Command Standup and K-9 Unit Communication
  • Know Basic Legal Requirements of Drone Operation
  • Understand Basic Drone Operation
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Paul Coley - Founder & CEO, Scent Evidence K9

Paul is a former FBI Forensic Canine Operations Specialist and has dedicated his entire 30-year career to public service in the fields of education, law enforcement, criminal justice, investigations, forensics, and emergency management.

Paul instructs scent discriminate K-9 trailing, scent collection techniques, and missing person response protocol training for law enforcement and SAR handlers across the U.S. and Europe.

David Merrick - Director, FSU Emergency Management and Homeland Security Dept. 

Mr. Merrick developed and oversees CDRP’s Disaster Incident Research Team, which deploys to disaster impact areas to perform field research on disaster and emergency management. This team consists of EMHS/CDRP staff as well as FSU students who have valid research agendas or projects and is partnering with other FSU departments to perform multidisciplinary research and data collection.  He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on EM Planning and Policy, Disaster Systems, and Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

Mr. Merrick developed EMHS’s unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) courses and curriculum. He is part of the team that developed the EMHS/CDRP UAS capability for use in disaster management and critical incidents and has led deployments performing this work in Florida as well as Texas, Haiti, Belize, and Jamaica. He is a certified UAS operator with an emphasis on professional aviation operations in a variety of environments.

As part of the applied research team at CDRP, Mr. Merrick has extensive experience in emergency management at all levels of government, incident command, training and exercise development, facilitated planning processes, and has provided technical assistance on a variety of government and private sector EM projects.

Mr. Merrick has a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and a Master’s in Humanitarian Relief and Disaster Logistics from the Florida Institute of Technology.


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