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FDLE Dogs and Drones

October 29, 2018

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Former FBI Forensic Canine Operations Specialist and CEO, Paul Coley, will conduct a presentation for FDLE to introduce new ways of integrating search strategies to produce more effective missing person case results. The presentation will focus on new techniques for preserving scent articles before an event occurs and new technologies for collecting scent evidence for K9 search and forensic uses.

Scent Evidence K9 will be joined by David Merrick for an informative Dogs and Drones presentation. Merrick is the Director of Florida State Universities Emergency Management and Homeland Security Department. Their groundbreaking UAS drone program provides aerial surveillance and disaster assessment all over the world. The FSU drone team has partnered with Scent Evidence K9 to develop a new level of K9 search integration. By integrating drone technology into the search process, K9 units can expand the search area and reduce safety hazards. Merrick and Coley had both recently teamed up to locate an FSU student who had been missing for over 4 days. The drone overwatch and reconnaissance assessed and documented the rough wooded terrain which Coley and his scent discriminate bloodhounds were searching. Read more about the Missing FSU Student Search here