K9 Training Facility

Scent Evidence K9's new training facility is located on 1200-acres in Bolivar, TN. Our training team produces world-class scent discriminate AKC bloodhounds and scent detection K9's specializing in Electronic Communication Device (ECD) detection for law enforcement agencies and emergency responders. The facility also serves as a premier international training hub for K9 handler teams and features:

  • K9 Handler Certification
  • Scent Evidence K9 Handler Certification Now AvailableTrained Scent Discriminate K9 Sales
  • Scent Collection Device Training & Certification
  • Drone Integration Training
  • Registered M77® Scent Discriminate Training Program
  • Electronic Communication Device Scent Detection (ECD)
  • K9 Trailing Field App
  • Case Consultations
  • Designed for Law Enforcement & Emergency Responders
  • Scent Preservation Products, Trailing Harnesses, and Leads
  • On-site lodging

SEK9 Scent Discriminate Handler Certification Now Available

Scent Evidence K9 is now offering Scent Discriminate Handler Certification. When lives are on the line, responding agencies need high performing K9 Teams they can trust to get the job done. The SEK9 Scent Discriminate Handler Certification exceeds SWGDOG standards to set the Worldwide gold standard for scent discriminate K9 handling.

K9 Training and the ability to assess performance qualifications are key components to a successful K9 Unit. Scent Evidence is working to raise the bar in both areas.

Handler Certification Requirements

Scent Discriminate Handler Certification includes:SEK9 Handler Certification

  • Training Documentation Review
  • 5 Scent Discriminate Assessment Trials
  • 8 Location Check Assessment Trials
  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Scent Collection and Dismissals Assessment
  • Written Assessment

Be the Best of the Best and contact our team at 850-272-6950 or info@scentevidencek9.com to learn all how our new scent discriminate handler certification can help your agency achieve high-performance K9 Units.

M77® Scent Discriminate Training Program

Our registered training plan was designed to develop fundamental skills in dogs and handlers for human scent discriminate trailing. Handlers are taught to use the standardized processes contained in the plan for training canines to indicate the presence, absence, and path of a targeted person utilizing the scent of the identified individual. Our innovative trailing app gives handlers the ability to measure the success of each exercise from their phone and meets all SWGDOG requirements.

Electronic Communication Device (ECD) Scent Detection

As a former FBI Forensic Canine Operations Specialist, Paul Coley has worked many cases using K9's to successfully locate cell phones and other devices. Finding a target's phone can give law enforcement a significant edge in locating the person who used it. Learn more about our ECD Scent Detection Program by calling 850-272-6950 or info@scentevidencek9.com