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SEK9 Handler Certification

New SEK9 Training Facility

Scent Evidence K9's new training facility is located on 1200-acres in Bolivar, TN. Our training team produces world-class scent discriminate AKC bloodhounds and scent detection K9's specializing in Electronic Communication Device (ECD) detection for law enforcement agencies and emergency responders. The facility also serves as a premier international training hub for K9 handler teams.

Trained K9's For Sale

Scent discriminate bloodhounds are the cornerstone of successful K9 trailing teams. Scent Evidence K9 dogs are trained with the M77® Human Scent Discriminate K9 Training Plan, utilizing registered and standardized Trailing processes for training our AKC registered K9’s. Each Trained K9 has been socialized and trained to trail one to twenty-four-hour aged trails.

M77® K9 Trailing Program

Our registered training plan was designed to develop fundamental skills in dogs and handlers for human scent discriminate trailing. Handlers are taught to use the standardized processes contained in the plan for training canines to indicate the presence, absence, and path of a targeted person utilizing the scent of the identified individual.

SEK9 Handler Certification Now AvailableScent Discriminate Handler Certification

When lives are on the line, responding agencies need high performing K9 Teams they can trust to get the job done. The SEK9 Scent Discriminate Handler Certification exceeds
SWGDOG standards to set the Worldwide gold standard for scent discriminate K9 handling.

M77® Human Scent Discriminate Trailing Program

Seek and You Shall Find.  Matthew 7:7

We offer initial and ongoing scent-discriminate canine trailing training for canine teams upon request and through semi-annual workshops. On-call coaching services are also available for canine handlers. Our training services include a handler-friendly spreadsheet and the innovative SEK9 field trailing app that allows handlers to document data throughout the training process for each canine. The Trailing app tracks progress, logs results, and meets SWGDOG record keeping requirements. Collected data can then be downloaded and analyzed to measure success. This ensures important documentation for court cases.

New advancements in scent-discriminate K9 training provide operational resources for searches related to missing or endangered persons, as well as investigation of violent crimes.  Utilization of scent-discriminate K9 teams in response agency daily operations is an innovative, effective, and efficient practice.

HRD Specialized K9 Training and Scent Evidence K9 Offer Cadaver Dog Course

HRD Specialized K9 Training is happy to announce the partnership with Scent Evidence K9 to offer the first cadaver dog oriented course at the Scent Evidence K9 Training Facility in Bolivar, Tennessee. The course is a Low Threshold course geared towards certified cadaver dog teams and covers real-world working scenarios involving the search for targets that have present with a decreased human decomposition odor and produces a low threshold response from the canine.

SEK9 Offers New HRD Cadaver Dog TrainingThe course is taught by Paul S. Martin, who has 20 years of detection canine experience with 18 focused strictly on the detection of human remains with canines. He possesses a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology with a concentration in Forensic Anthropology and an Approved Minor in Victim Advocacy from Western Caroline University, a Master of Arts in Anthropology focused on Geoarchaeology from the University of Mississippi and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Memphis. He maintains an affiliate status with the American Academy of Forensic Science, the Society of American Archaeology, and the Society of Geophysical Exploration. His research is focused on cadaver dogs, shallow surface geophysics, human taphonomy, mapping, and theory of forensic anthropology. Paul is the past president of the National Network of Canine Detection Services and was the co-founder of the first university-based cadaver dog training program.

The first course reservations have already been filled but we will announce upcoming training opportunities and schedules soon. For more information on upcoming training events contact info@scentevidencek9.comor call 850-272-6950.