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Scent Evidence K9 Partners Surpass 500 Find Milestone

Scent Evidence K9 Partners Surpass 500 Find Milestone. Dep. Gabriel Jasso and K9 Keva reached the 500-find milestone with the safe recovery of a missing endangered 10-year-old in mid-October 2023. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Bloodhound Team has since had another K9 search success with the location of a stolen vehicle suspect. To date, 513 missing persons and suspect locations have been reported by our partner agencies and organizations using Scent Evidence K9 scent discriminate K9s, K9 handler and response training, and scent collection techniques and technology.

Scent discriminate K9 teams from Florida to California have located hundreds of missing endangered missing persons. People with Alzheimer’s Disease and children with autism are among the highest at-risk groups for wandering. “60% of people with dementia or 3 in 5 will go missing and the number is almost as high for children with autism. Our mission is for communities to have a well-trained scent discriminate K9 team ready to respond within 2 hours from a missing person event,” stated Scent Evidence K9 CEO, Paul Coley. “I receive several calls a week from handlers who are deploying on cases. We are here to help because we understand how difficult the trailing work can be and how critical the outcome is. Our partners are using their scent discriminate K9 trailing skills to find a family’s missing child or grandparent and bring them home safely. It’s serious business,” said Coley.

Scent Evidence K9 partners also use the same K9 trailing techniques to locate criminal suspects. “Whether our partners are deploying to find a fleeing criminal suspect or locate an endangered child, they are racing the clock to keep their communities safe. We are proud of our partners for their hard work and commitment to excellence,” stated Coley.

Here are a few highlights from recent K9 searches by our agency partners. THANK YOU to all of our incredible K9s and handlers for the work you do every day to keep your community safe. To see more of their stories, visit and follow our Facebook or Instagram pages.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept. Bloodhound Team Locates Missing Endangered 10-Year-Old in Landmark K9 Find!

Scent Evidence K9 Partners Surpass 500 Find MilestoneDep. Gabriel Jasso and K9 Keva responded to a missing child call from a neighboring Department to locate a critical missing child. Dep. Jasso collected a scent article from the child’s teddy bear and deployed K9 Keva from the missing child’s last known location. The California Bloodhound Team trailed approximately 1 mile and located the 10-year-old at the entrance of the freeway.
This is the 500th Scent Discriminate K9 Find by our International Scent Evidence K9 Partner Agencies! Dep. Jasso and K9 Keva have many missing person finds and suspect locations to their credit. “Dep. Jasso used his scent collection techniques and trailing skills to find the missing child quickly and bring her home safe. Every minute counts in missing child deployments and we are proud of the training work they put in to Bring the Lost Home,” stated Scent Evidence K9 CEO, Paul Coley.

New Orange County Bloodhound Team Finds Missing 92-Year-Old with Dementia!

Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy Angela Keller and K9 Wyatt worked a 36-hour-old trail to locate a missing 92-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s. K9 Wyatt trailed .25 miles in a heavily contaminated area to a house where the woman was found. She had fallen at the edge of a lake behind the house. The woman was dehydrated but OK. This is the second dementia-related missing person recovery for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Bloodhound team since K9 Wyatt joined the agency in December 2022. K9 Wyatt turned 1-year-old in February and was donated to OCSO through the Senior Resource Alliance.
“Dep. Keller and K9 Wyatt are specially trained to search for those at high risk of wandering and going missing. We are proud of their exemplary life-saving scent discriminate trailing work and honored to train with them” stated Scent Evidence K9 CEO, Paul Coley

K9 Wyatt Finds Missing 12-Year-Old!

Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy Angela Keller and her scent discriminate Bloodhound K9 Wyatt found a 12-year-old child on 9/11/23 who had been missing since the night before. Dep. Keller and K9 Wyatt used their advanced trailing skills to locate the missing child in an apartment complex. “Today is Florida Missing Children’s Day and this amazing OCSO Bloodhound team trains hard to make finds like this using a person’s unique scent,” stated Scent Evidence K9 CEO, Paul Coley.
Coley presented Dep. Keller with a Master Handler’s certificate this past July for her exceptional K9 search deployments. Dep. Keller and K9 Wyatt have multiple missing person recoveries and suspect locations to their credit and Orange County Sheriff’s Office is a participating Bringing the Lost Home Program agency. K9 Wyatt was donated to the OCSO by the Senior Resource Alliance in Orlando last year and has been working hard to protect people at risk of wandering.

K9 Legend Uses Scent Kit To Locate Another Suspect!

On Sept. 30 Cpl. Cassandra Carter and K9 Legend used a Scent Kit to collect a physical domestic suspect’s scent from a lighter. The K9 Team began the trail at the suspect’s last known location in the backyard. Cpl. Carter presented the scent jar to K9 Legend and they began trailing into the woods behind the residence. Approximately .25 miles into the woods They located the suspect sitting against a tree. The suspect was taken into custody. This amazing Liberty County Sheriff’s Office K9 Team had 4 Finds in September!


Arcadia PD Bloodhound Team Finds 80-Year-Old with Dementia Missing for 11 Hours!

Pasadena PD requested K9 Kopper’s assistance in locating a missing 80-year-old with dementia. The missing woman wandered away from her residence the night before, making the trail 11 hours old. Kopper’s handler collected a scent article and began the search at the residence. Kopper trailed for about a half mile before a witness flagged the officers down and stated that a woman matching the description was at the end of a cul-de-sac where Kopper was trailing. K9 Kopper continued trailing and located the missing person who had fallen in a gutter behind a locked gate. The woman was returned home safely to her husband.

Rockland County Sheriff’s Office Bloodhound Team Finds Missing 80-Year-Old!

RCSO K9 Handler Brian Neary and K9 Galli responded to assist a neighboring agency in locating an 80-year-old woman who had been missing for 9 hours on 8-9-23. The New York Bloodhound team deployed using a scent article collected from the person’s home. Neary and K9 Galli trailed 1.5 miles to a community center and continued another third of a mile through woods and water and crossed a train trestle. They located the woman alive in the muck and swamp on the opposite side of the trestle. When the missing woman saw K9 Galli she wanted to hold and love on her.
This is the first find for Neary and K9 Galli since completing scent discriminate training in late February with Scent Evidence K9. “We are proud of the excellent trailing performance Brian and K9 Galli exhibited in a challenging environment. The woman had been missing for a while and every minute counted to bring her home safe. Our Bloodhounds like K9 Galli are trained for passive alert and when they find the target they often become comfort dogs for the missing,” stated Scent Evidence K9 CEO, Paul Coley.

Uintah County Bloodhound Team Has Find No. 5 with Location of Runaway Juvenile!

Uintah County Sheriff’s Dep. Corbyn Lyman and K9 Tank had their fifth missing person find when they responded to a runaway juvenile call. The Utah Bloodhound Team trailed the youth for a mile through an alfalfa field so tall it was over their heads. K9 Tank continued trailing through a neighborhood and found the youth hiding behind an apartment complex. Dep. Lyman and K9 Tank have been on a hot streak since completing scent discriminate K9 training with Scent Evidence K9 CEO, Paul Coley in late May with 5 finds in only 2 months!

2 Finds In 1 Week For Georgia Bloodhound Team!

Banks County Sheriff’s Dep. Josh Pressley and K9 Becka were called to search for an offender that fled on foot down an embankment into the woods. Dep. Pressley used the SEKR Scent Evidence Vacuum to collect scent from the offender’s vehicle. Pressley presented the scent article to K9 Becka who began trailing down the embankment to a creek and started pulling hard upstream. After trailing up the creek for a few hundred yards they found fresh shoe prints along the bank. K9 Becka suddenly turned right and pulled to the top of a very steep embankment then exited the woods into a parking lot. The Georgia Bloodhound Team continued trailing towards the back of a building where they spotted the offender running behind the building towards a fence. The offender jumped the fence as perimeter units were closing in. The offender was taken into custody inside the fence, hiding in an empty 18-wheeler trailer. K9 Becka received love and praise from all the officers and deputies on the scene and even got a steak after her shift was complete!
Dep. Pressley and K9 Becka had another find 3 days prior to this one when they located a suspect involved in a vehicle chase.

K9 Star Shines Again By Using Scent Kit To Find Missing Person With Dementia!

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Deputy Nicholas Cooper and his scent discriminate Bloodhound, K9 Star, responded to assist patrol units in locating a missing person with dementia on 6/19/23. The missing person was last seen leaving the residence and entering the wood line. Dep. Cooper was advised that the missing person had a Scent Evidence K9 Scent Kit prepared in the home. Dep. Cooper presented the Scent Kit to K9 Star, and they took off on the search. K9 Star trailed around the side of the residence, into the backyard, and entered the woods. The All-Star Bloodhound team crossed a water-filled ditch into the thick brush. K9 Star began wagging her tail rapidly and found the missing person lying in the brush. A new Scent Kit was provided to the family for future use.
“Dep. Cooper and K9 Star used all their advanced K9 trailing training to quickly bring the person home safe. The family of the missing person did a great job of protecting their loved one in advance by having a Scent Kit prepared. Having that pre-collected scent article ready for the search team saved time and provided an accurate scent source for the dog to trail,” stated Scent Evidence K9 CEO, Paul Coley.

K9 Roscoe Does It Again!

Orange County Sheriff’s Office Bloodhound K9 Roscoe and Handler Dep. Darcey added to their growing list of missing person recoveries and suspect locations on Monday 6/12 when they located a missing endangered teen in the woods. K9 Roscoe was donated to the OCSO by Senior Resource Alliance just over a year ago and has been busy finding those at risk of wandering and keeping the community safe ever since.

3 For 3! K9 Ronnie Does It Again – Helps Capture Burglary Suspect!

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office K9 team of Cpl. Jeff Duggins and K9 Ronnie had their third confirmed trail in as many weeks! The latest successful scent discriminate K9 search was in response to a home invasion/burglary call. Cpl. Duggins and K9 Ronnie trailed one of the subjects .5 miles to a business. K9 Ronnie stopped trailing and cameras at the facility captured the subject on his phone at the location and then being picked up by a vehicle 20 minutes prior to the K9 teams’ arrival. This led to the ID and capture of the armed subject.

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Bloodhound Team Helps Locate Stolen Vehicle Suspect!

Dep. Melanie Merritt and K9 Daisy Mae responded to a call to locate a suspect who bailed out of a stolen vehicle after hitting stop sticks. They deployed from the place the suspect was last seen and started a tandem track with Dep. Neigerbaur and K9 Bane and several backup deputies. Dep. Merritt and K9 Daisy Mae entered the wood line and continued to trail through the dense woods. The Bloodhound team continued for .25 miles to a dirt road along some power lines as K9 Daisy Mae picked up her pace and continued the trail for another .25 miles to another dirt road. The suspect was seen running approximately .5 miles in front of them when they lost sight of him. At that point K9 Daisy Mae had trailed 2 miles in the Florida heat and Dep. Merritt stopped the trail to give Daisy Mae some time to cool off. Dep. Merritt then used a Scent Kit to collect a scent article from the driver’s side seat of the stolen vehicle. An hour and a half later K9 Daisy Mae was ready to go back to work and the team redeployed from the place last seen. K9 Daisy began trailing towards a golf course and was just starting to cross the golf course when a witness called in and advised a male fitting the suspect’s description was knocking on her door and wanting to get in. This was near the area the Bloodhound team was trailing towards. Deputies surrounded the area and located the suspect hiding in the bushes and he was taken into custody.
“This is another great example of how scent discriminate K9 trailing can help place search resources in the right place. This was a superb K9 trail by Dep. Merritt and K9 Daisy Mae,” stated Scent Evidence K9 CEO, Paul Coley.