SEK9 Scent Preservation Kit®

Scent Kit

Our scientifically-tested scent kits have been proven to save lives and are utilized by families, law enforcement agencies, and community organizations around the world as an effective and affordable tool to help bring the lost back home.

The SCENT KIT is easy to use and it only takes a few minutes to SWIPE, SEAL, and STORE a person’s unique odor and be ready with an uncontaminated scent article for K9 responders to begin searching to find your missing loved one fast and bring them home safe.

Your scent is like your fingerprint to trained K9 responders and can last up to 10 years. The Scent Preservation Kit® is a great addition to your family safety plan and a smart way for kids, campers, hikers, and the elderly to be prepared in case they get lost or go missing. Get Yours Today.

In addition to providing responders with an uncontaminated scent article to conduct an accurate search, the Scent Kit® contains our Individual Preparedness Plan Flash Drive that allows family members and caregivers to prefill valuable information to help responders identify and locate the missing person. It also includes a section for person-centered trauma-informed information that alerts responders to potential triggers that may upset the person and comforting methods to help calm them.  Having this information not only helps emergency responders locate the individual faster, but it reduces the risk of trauma caused by the missing person event.

Each standard Scent Kit includes:

  • Specialized Evidence-grade Jar
  • Sterile Gauze Pad
  • ID Label
  • Non-Allergenic Gloves
  • Tamper Proof Tape
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Individual Preparedness Plan Flash Drive

When a loved one goes missing, emotions and safety concerns are at their highest level. To help you be prepared for an event, the Individual Preparedness Plan Flash Drive also contains Missing Person Reporting Guidelines so that you will know just what to do if someone goes missing. To view reporting guidelines, CLICK HERE.


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Why Do I Need A Scent Preservation Kit?

Scent Kit Innovator Presents Missing Person Response Solutions at Florida’s Capital4.5 Million people have gone missing in the past 20 years. When Scent Evidence K9 hosted kidnap victim and child safety advocate, Elizabeth Smart, during Florida's 2018 Children's Week event, we were reminded that the unthinkable can happen to people from every walk of life. Children with Autism and adults diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia are even more at risk to wander and go missing. The American Pediatrics Association states that children with autism have an almost 50% chance of going missing at least once before age 17 and studies have shown that 6 out of 10 of those with Alzheimer's Disease will wander.

Preserving scent gives those you love and care for an extra layer of protection should they go missing. It's like "peace of mind in a jar."

How Do Scent Kits Work?

A Scent Preservation Kit® is one of the most effective and affordable ways to take precautions before a missing person event occurs. Preserving one's odor ahead of time gives responding K9 Units a head start by providing the trailing dogs with an uncontaminated scent article. When a person collects and stores their own scent, it isn't touched by other family members, pets, or responders. This means that K9 Units do not have to go through the time-consuming dismissal process to determine who's scent is actually on the article. In a missing person case, time can be a matter of life and death. Simply swiping the scent pad under your arm 10 times and storing in the specially treated jar, saves valuable time before the search begins and reduces the time it takes to find the lost and bring them home. Swipe, Seal, and Store to keep your loved ones safe!

SEK9 Scent Preservation Kit® Video Instructions

The SEK9 Scent Preservation Kit is easy to use. Watch the video tutorial or follow the instructions below.

SEK9 Scent Preservation Kit® Instructions

Step 1: Collect person’s scent

***If a person is able to collect their own scent, please continue this step with only one person touching the pad and inserting it into the jar. If the scent of an infant or someone who cannot collect their own scent is being collected, it is IMPORTANT that the person touching the pad is recorded on the jar label!

  • Remove jar lid and set it aside
  • Open package and remove pad
  • Wipe skin in armpit area 10 times with the blue line on the pad against the skin
  • Place pad inside jar
  • Screw lid onto jar

Step 2: Label jar

  • Press label onto side of jar
  • Remove backing from label
  • Complete every item on label
  • Use black or blue ink pen

Step 3: Place evidence seal over the top and store jar

  • Remove backing and press tamper proof strip over the top of the jar lid
  • DO NOT OPEN JAR after scent has been collected
  • Store indoors, out of direct sunlight or heat. (Cabinets or refrigerators are great storage areas.)
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