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SEK9 Scent Preservation Kit®

The original, scientifically-tested Scent Preservation Kit® was designed to preserve and store the scent of those you love and care for.  In addition to being a great way for family members to protect their children or grandparents, our innovative Scent Preservation Kits were designed to help community leaders and law enforcement agencies better serve their high-risk autism and dementia populations by raising missing persons awareness, mitigating risk and improving search performance during K9 trailing team deployment. Sometimes called “Peace of Mind in a Jar,” the Scent Preservation Kit® is now utilized as a proactive safety measure by organizations across the country from Florida to Alaska, and internationally in Canada, Germany and Sweden.  In addition to our stadard kit, we also offer Child Safety, On-Scene Scent Collection, Pet Protector and Community Kits. Visit our store and Get Yours Today.

SEK9 Scent Preservation Kits are easy to use and have been scientifically tested and successfully utilized to find missing persons. The benefits to using our trademarked scent kit include: increased validity of find, reduced find time, increased resources, collection of DNA, and reduced contamination of potential crime sites. 

Scent Preservation Kit®

Each Scent Kit Includes:

  • Specialized Jar
  • Sterile Gauze Pad
  • Label
  • Tamper Proof Tape
  • Detailed Instructions

SEK9 Scent Preservation Kit® Video Instructions

The SEK9 Scent Preservation Kit is easy to use. Watch the video tutorial or follow the instructions below.

SEK9 Scent Preservation Kit® Instructions

Step 1: Collect person’s scent

***If a person is able to collect their own scent, please continue this step with only one person touching the pad and inserting it into the jar. If the scent of an infant or someone who cannot collect their own scent is being collected, it is IMPORTANT that the person touching the pad is recorded on the jar label!

  • Remove jar lid and set it aside
  • Open package and remove pad
  • Wipe skin in armpit area 2-3 times with the blue line on the pad against the skin
  • Place pad inside jar
  • Screw lid onto jar

Step 2: Label jar

  • Press label onto side of jar
  • Remove backing from label
  • Complete every item on label
  • Use black or blue ink pen

Step 3: Place evidence seal over the top and store jar

  • Remove backing and press tamper proof strip over the top of the jar lid
  • DO NOT OPEN JAR after scent has been collected
  • Store indoors, out of direct sunlight or heat. (Cabinets or refrigerators are great storage areas.)
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