K9 Handler Training Courses

Scent Evidence K9 offers an elite K9 handler training experience for teams seeking to achieve professional certification in Scent Discriminate K9 Trailing, The SEKR Scent Evidence Collection Vacuum, and K9 Scent Detection. Join us at our Tallahassee Florida headquarters and take your K9 Trailing skills to the next level.


Contact our training team at 850-272-6950 or info@scentevidencek9.com

Human Scent Discriminate Training

Human Scent Discriminate K9 Training

Our comprehensive M77® K9 Training Plan develops fundamental scent discriminate K9 trailing skills in bloodhound and patrol dog handlers to indicate the presence, absence, and path of a targeted person using their scent. Includes scent collection methods and technology training.

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Basic Urban K9 Training

Basic Urban K9 Trailing

Learn to navigate the obstacles of K9 trailing in an urban environment. This 4-day course covers all the fundamentals of high-traffic searches including; aged-trails, scent collection methods, and K9/handler safety. Conducted in the heart of Tallahassee, FL.

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Scent Detection Training

Scent Detection Training

We offer a wide variety of Scent Detection training in agricultural threats, invasive species, and electronic communication device detection using our registered M422 Scent Detection training program.

Advanced Urban Trailing

Advanced Urban

Learn advanced K9 search techniques for trailing missing persons or suspects in an urban environment. This course includes advanced scent collection methods, location checks, and drone overwatch. Perfect for Bloodhound and Patrol dog teams who regularly search hard surface trails.

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Missing Person Response Protocol

Missing Person Response Protocol Training

Improve missing person response time and location success with the implementation of intelligence-based operational search processes and guidelines, integrated search strategies, and Drone-K9 overwatch techniques.

K9 Handler Certification

K9 Handler Certification

When lives are on the line, law enforcement agencies need professional K9 Units they can trust to get the job done. Our Handler Certification program sets a new gold standard in qualification measurement and has been evaluated by industry experts to surpass SWGDOG requirements.

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Dogs and Drones 2

Drones and Dogs

The International Dogs and Drones Seminar dates will be announced soon. Learn how drone integration with K9 teams can maximize search efforts by providing recon and overwatch capabilities that increase area coverage and K9 Unit safety. In partnership with FSU Emergency Management and Homeland Security Department.