Basic Urban K9 Trailing


Learn to navigate the obstacles of K9 trailing in an urban environment. This 3-day course covers the fundamentals of high-traffic K9 trailing from K9 noise acclimation and scent collection methods to environmental conditions and drone overwatch.

Price: $1500  3-Day Course 

Located at our Training Headquarters in Tallahassee. 


SEK9 Handler Certification Now AvailableUpon completion of this course, handlers should be able to:

  • Recognize how Environmental Influences Impact Trailing
  • Understand the Basic Scientific Principles of Human Scent.
  • Know Primary Scent Collection Methods.
  • Demonstrate how to collect scent with Scent Kit, SEKR, and Absorption
  • Have Awareness of Integrated Search Strategies.
  • Identify the information that specific K9 behavior is communicating to the handler.
  • Know what handler behaviors communicate effectively to the K9.
  • Demonstrate how to acclimate K9, present human scent, and command K9 to trail
  • Demonstrate how to assess when K9 has determined direction of travel
  • Demonstrate how to handle K9 when it is in odor, distracted, indicates negatives, and near target
  • Demonstrate how to move, place body, and exhibit energy to give K9 access to trail and support K9 forward motion while in target odor
  • Demonstrate how to control the lead to maintain appropriate distance, tension, and position
  • Demonstrate how to reinforce K9 at finish for accurate target alert and absence of target (negative)
  • Track K9 Training Progress within the SEK9 App.
  • Have Awareness of Urban Search Strategies Developed by FBI and
    Limitations of Each


Paul Coley - Founder & CEO, Scent Evidence K9

Paul is a former FBI Forensic Canine Operations Specialist and has dedicated his entire 30-year career to public service in the fields of education, law enforcement, criminal justice, investigations, forensics, and emergency management.

Paul instructs scent discriminate K-9 trailing, scent collection techniques, and missing person response protocol training for law enforcement and SAR handlers across the U.S. and Europe.

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SEK9 Corporate Training Office - Tallahassee, FL

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