Individual Preparedness Plan

Now that you have a Scent Kit prepared, it's time to complete the Individual Preparedness Plan.

The Individual Preparedness Plan gives responders fast and accurate personal identification information that can help them locate and recognize the person that is missing.

The Individual Preparedness Plan also identifies any known medical conditions, triggers (things that upset them), or comforts, such as a favorite song or activity. This is especially helpful when searching for a person with Alzheimer's Disease who has wandered and may be disoriented or confused.

After you have downloaded and completed the Individual Preparedness Plan form, save it to the included flash drive along with a recent photo. Store the flash drive in a safe place that can be accessed easily. That way you can give responders everything they need to begin searching right away.

Missing Person Reporting Best Practices

What should you do if a family member or someone you care for has gone missing? 

The No. 1 tip is to report the incident right away. 


One of the biggest problems facing responders is the amount of time that passes before the incident is reported. Every minute that passes can increase the distance a lost person will travel and decrease the success rate of a search.

How can my neighbors help?

  • Neighbors can help by checking their back yard or garage when someone in your area has been reported missing. Most people are found within a 1/2 mile to 1 mile from the place they were last seen.
  • If your neighbors see someone that needs help or is acting strange, lost, or confused, they report it!

How can I help responders and communicate with my neighbors?

  • Dress those you love and care for who are at risk of wandering in High-Visibility clothing. Bright colors are easy to see.
  • Stay connected with your neighbors. Use social networking to communicate quickly and know your Neighborhood Watch information.

Just Nosey Enough


These reporting best practices are part of our Just Nosey Enough program.