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Scent Preservation Kit® Programs

"Scent Preservation Kits® can save lives, time and money," stated Lt. Robert Siemer of the Sumter County Sheriff's Office in Florida. 

Scent Evidence K9 is working with law enforcement agencies to promote awareness and provide affordable location solutions for their populations with Autism and Alzheimer's Disease who are at high risk for wandering. Starting a Scent Kit Program also creates positive PR opportunities for agencies in local and regional media.  

In Florida, 520,000 residents have Alzheimer's Disease with the number expected to increase to 720,000 in just a few years. Studies show that 6 out of 10 of those with Dementia will wander and go missing. 

Missing person incidents among at-risk groups are growing across the nation and so are the needs for more effective K9 search resources. Establishing a Scent Kit Program can help K9 Units achieve greater location success and maximize the efficiency of search resources by providing the public with a way to help law enforcement find them if they go missing.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) purchased 1,000 Scent Preservation Kits® to in conjunction with their Extra Special Person (ESP) program in an effort to find missing people faster and bring them home safely.

The following is an excerpt from an MCSO Press Release.

"Whether it is an elderly individual with Alzheimer’s disease, a person with Autism or a young child, these scent preservation kits will allow us to have the purest sample of that missing person’s scent readily available for our K9s to use to track.

The Scent Preservation Kits® are composed of a specially-treated jar, scent pad, sterile gloves, instructions, and tamper-proof tape. The scent is collected by rubbing the pad on the person’s underarm area and then sealing the pad in the jar to preserve the person’s scent. Custodians and caregivers will then secure the kit in an accessible place so if that person ever goes missing, they can provide that scent sample to our K9 unit so we can track them. The company providing the scent preservation kits say that if collected in the manner suggested, the scent can last up to 10 years."

Scent Evidence K9 offers quantity discounts and positive PR opportunities to law enforcement agencies like the Highland County Sheriff's Office for distribution to those at risk for wandering in their community. Contact us at or call 850-272-6950 to find out how we can improve your department's ability to protect those you serve.  

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