Scent Evidence K9 and Florida Anchor Club Partner For Good Cause

Scent Evidence K9 and the Quincy, FL Anchor Club partnered to raise missing person awareness for those with brain-related illnesses in the community. Riley Allman, Immediate Past President of the Florida District Anchor Board, selected Scent Evidence K9 to demonstrate to area children how scent discriminate K9’s can find missing person’s by using a pre-collected and preserved scent. The community awareness campaign spotlighted the at-risk populations, such as those with Autism and Alzheimer’s Disease. According to the Center for Disease Control, one in 68 children have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). A study completed by the American Pediatric Association states that almost 50% of these diagnosed children will go missing at least once before the age of 17. Based on recent studies, the number of individuals diagnosed with dementia will increase to 7.1 million in the USA by 2025. This is an increase of 40%. Studies have shown that 6 out 10 individuals with dementia will become lost.

The Anchor Club sponsored the event and provided the participants with Scent Evidence K9 Child Safety Kits that contained scent preservation materials, DNA, fingerprint strips and other identification tools. Shari Helm, Advisor for the Robert F. Munroe Day School, stated “The Anchor Club raised the money to promote public safety and because we believed in the awareness message of the Anchor Board youth leadership. These young men and women are amazing!”

Paul Coley, a former FBI Forensic K9 Specialist and CEO of the Tallahassee based K9 trailing services company, said, “We love what we do! It’s always a treat to teach children and adults about how the dogs use their super scent trailing abilities to find missing persons and how they can better protect themselves from becoming lost.”

Scent Evidence K9 is a leading provider of scent preservation products and K9 trailing services. The company has worked with community organizations and law enforcement agencies both in the U.S. and Internationally. For more information visit scentevidencek9.com