Capital Prep School Students Take Field Trip To Scent Evidence K9

Capital Prep School – Tallahassee, FL – March 23, 2018 

Scent Evidence K9 hosted a field trip for a group of young students from Capital Prep School in Tallahassee. During the field trip the children were able to tour the SEK9 Tallahassee manufacturing facility and warehouse and learn about the science and technology behind working scent discriminate working dogs and how to use our Scent Preservation Kits®.

The school purchased Child Safety Paks for the entire student body to promote child safety. The kits included a Child Safety Scent Kit, a copy of our new children’s safety book, Rex the Rescue Pup, and a Rescue Team badge sticker.

Capital Prep School Student says hello to Ace, our Scent Detection K9
Capital Prep School Field Trip to SEK9 Tallahassee Facility

Learning and Laughing

The students learned how Scent Preservation Kits are made and how to use them while touring the SEK9 warehouse. After the tour, the children had a chance to see our Scent Detection K9, Ace, in action and learn how he could use his sense of smell to find electronic communication devices, like cell phones. The students then posed for photos with the real “Rex”, the bloodhound who inspired Rex the Rescue Pup. The Scent Evidence K9 team had as much fun teaching about these amazing dogs as the kids had learning about them.

Thanks to the teaching staff at Capital Prep School in Tallahassee. We had a blast and look forward to another field trip soon.





Capital Prep School Student with the real Rex
Capital Prep School Student gets to meet Rex from Rex the Rescue Pup