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Police K-9 Magazine Conference 2019

The 5th Annual International Police K-9 Magazine Conference is the largest and most diverse K-9 training event in the world and features learning opportunities and professional training products and services from industry experts all over the world. The event was held March 5-7 in Las Vegas, NV. The conference included 35 world-class instructors, 62 industry-leading vendors and hundreds of K-9 training professionals.

Scent Evidence K9 CEO and founder, Paul Coley, was the featured instructor for 2 workshops, Scent Discriminate K9 Trailing – The Right Tool For The Right Job, and Dogs and Drones – Nose To The Ground, Eyes In The Sky. Scent Evidence K9 also exhibited during the event, showcasing their innovative Scent Preservation Kit® products and Scent Evidence Collection Vacuum – The SEKR, Trained Scent Discriminate Bloodhounds, and K9 Handler Training/Certification. Coley also unveiled the companies new Missing Person Response Protocol Guidelines, the first resource of it’s kind to focus on how law enforcement can improve their response and results in missing person cases.

Scent Evidence K9 Workshops

Scent Discriminate K9 Trailing – The Right Tool For The Right Job – Former FBI Forensic Canine Operations Specialist, Paul Coley, presented how human scent discriminate K9 trailing and scent collection technology is being utilized to produce more successful missing person search results. Coley, and Scent Evidence K9 Training Manager, Trey Cash, also discussed how trailing differs from tracking, the advantages of single-purpose K9 deployment, and introduced new guidelines developed to improve search response methods.

Integrated Search Strategies – Dogs and Drones – Scent Evidence K9’s second workshop focused on the integration of drone technology and scent collection techniques into K9 search deployments. Coley outlined real-life case studies of life-saving finds that utilized drone overwatch to keep K9 teams safer and cover larger search areas. Scent Evidence K9 partnered with the Florida State University Emergency Management and Homeland Security Department to produce the first Dog and Drone teams to study the integration and how it affects search results. Coley also demonstrated his new scent evidence collection vacuum called The SEKR and how it has been successfully applied in multiple life-saving cases.

Police K-9 Magazine Conference 2019

Throughout the course of the conference, we had the opportunity to connect and network with over 1000 K-9 professionals from all over the world, share our scent discriminate best practices, and learn their needs and pain points. Police K-9 Magazine works hard to provide diverse training topics that are unique to the Police and Military K-9 profession. You can learn more about Police K-9 Magazine HERE. Scent Evidence K9 is a regular content contributor to their excellent K-9 Cop Magazine. Here’s a link to one of our recent articles. Scent Discriminate K9 Trailing in K-9 Cop Magazine

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