The SEKR (PAT.PEND.) is a portable, durable and effective scent vacuum and storage unit that is capable of collecting odor during crime scene investigations. The SEKR was specially designed to eliminate scent article contamination. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Call 850-272-6950 or [email protected] to learn more about The SEKR.


Scent Evidence K9 is proud to announce The SEKR® (PAT. PEND.), our innovative scent collection tool for forensics and law enforcement investigators. The SEKR is a portable, durable, and effective scent vacuum and storage device that is capable of collecting and storing uncontaminated odor during crime scene investigations.

SEK9 Team develops new scent collection tool

The SEKR was developed by Scent Evidence K9’s Research and Development Team, spearheaded by CEO-founder, Paul Coley, and comprised of graduates of Florida State University’s Engineering Program.  As a former FBI Forensic Canine Operations Specialist, Coley identified the need for more efficient, portable, and reliable methods of collecting uncontaminated scent articles at crime scene investigations and missing person deployments.

The resulting SEKR device was designed to meet the critical needs of crime scene investigators and missing person responders utilizing years of professional experience in the field.

The SEKR – Scent Collection at it’s Best

Scent Collection from target cell phone with The SEKR
Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Forensic Identification Specialist collects scent evidence from a cell phone with the SEKR during the International Crime Scene Investigator’s Association Conference in Nashville.

Collecting uncontaminated evidence is one of the most difficult problems facing investigators. With the SEKR, scent evidence collection and storage has never been easier or more reliable.

Here’s how it works

The SEKR is specially designed to eliminate scent article contamination. The scent collection hood contains a dual-grate system that holds the scent pad in place. A powerful rechargeable vacuum then pulls scent from evidence at the scene for 1 minute, which is then absorbed by the sterile scent pad. A specially-treated scent jar is securely attached at the bottom of the hood allowing the user to push the scent pad into the jar via the included collection rod. The scent article has not been touched or contaminated by the responder. The jar can then be removed, sealed, and labeled.

Scent Discriminate K9 Trailing using The SEKR

The SEKR is powerful enough to collect scent from almost any scene evidence. For example, this image shows the GPS trail results of a recent field test using scent collected with The SEKR from a spent shell casing previously fired by the target. The target path is in blue and the K9 Trailing Team is in red. The results not only demonstrate the power of scent discriminate K9 training but the accuracy that can be achieved when trailing an uncontaminated scent article.

Scent Collection from Shell Casing Field Test with SEKR

SEKR Features

  • Portable, durable and easy to use
  • Rechargeable long-life battery with charge indicator
  • Durable, lockable Pelican case included
  • Dual-grate scent collection system
  • Scent jar quick-connect for easy all-in-one scent collection and storage
  • Scent pad push rod for uncontaminated scent article storage
  • Customizable faceplate for your Department or Agency



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