Scent Preservation Kits For The Whole FamilySCENT PRESERVATION FAMILY PAK - SAVE OVER 20%

The new Scent Preservation Family Pak from Scent Evidence K9 is the perfect way to help protect those you love and care for this holiday season. The Family Pak includes (2) of our original scientifically tested Scent Preservation Kits, (2) Child Safety Kits and a Pet Protector Kit for the furry member of your family. Our Scent Preservation Kits are easy to use and proven to help K9 Team responders locate loved ones who have gone missing. Whether you have small children, elderly parents or grandparents, or family members with Autism, Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia who are at risk for wandering, our Scent Preservation Kits can help find them if they get lost. This holiday season bring home the gift that can bring your loved ones home safely, get the Scent Preservation Family Pak from Scent Evidence K9 today!


Our original, scientifically-tested SEK9 Scent Preservation Kits® are easy to use and have been successfully utilized to find missing persons. The benefits to using our trademarked scent kit include: increased validity of find, reduced find time, increased resources, collection of DNA, and reduced contamination of potential crime sites.


SEK9 Child Safety Scent Preservation Kits are easy to use and have been scientifically tested and successfully utilized to find missing persons. Our Child Safety Kit includes an additional Child Identification Pack to document physical details including; photograph, fingerprints, DNA hair samples, dental records and medical information.


Pets are often considered a part of the family and, as we all know, they can run away and get lost just like humans! With the Scent Evidence K9 Pet Protector Kit, you can collect and preserve the scent of your pet in case it goes missing. Get Yours Today before Spot gets Squirreled!


The On Scene Scent Collection Kit is perfect odor-tech tool for Law Enforcement K9 teams responding to missing persons cases. Each kit contains 3 scent pads for deployment of multiple dogs at the scene. The kit is also a great choice for handlers who train scent discriminate K9's.


The Scent Evidence K9 Community Kit is perfect for larger group facilities and features 72 individual scent preservation jars and a corresponding tracking system for centralized facility storage and quick access. For use in Elder-Living Facilities or Retirement Communities, At-risk Dementia and Autism Group Facilities, Correctional Facilities, Foster Homes, Youth Ranches and Law Enforcement Agencies. Click here for more information, instructions and tracking sheet.