We often post photos of missing people on wtsp.com and our Facebook page and ask you to share the pictures to help find them.

But a missing Citrus County woman was found a different way – through her scent. The woman, who has dementia, had been missing from her Sugarmill Woods home earlier this week.

Fortunately, she had used a scent preservation kit, which helped K-9 deputies track her down — in fewer than five minutes!

A scent preservation kit stores someone’s unique smell so that if they’re ever missing, they’ll be easy to find.  Here’s how it works — a person takes a sterile pad in the kit and wipes their armpit 2-3 times. The pad is then stored inside a sealed container and if the person ever goes missing, a K-9 can track them down through their unique scent.

Pretty fascinating!

More on the kits from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office