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A SUPERSTAR K-9 team in St. Johns County Florida used a Scent Kit to help find a missing 82-Year-Old Man on 8/15/21. St. Johns County Sheriff’s Deputy Nick Cooper and K9 Star responded to help in the search of the missing man on Sunday morning after an initial Safe Trak search produced a negative result. Luckily, the 82-year-old man had prepared a Scent Kit prior to going missing. Dep. Cooper presented the Scent Kit to K9 Star, a scent discriminate Bloodhound, and in minutes were able to determine the man’s direction of travel and guide additional Safe Trak resources ahead of them. Within 15-20 minutes of getting the leads from K9 Star, the missing man was located safe. The range for SAFE TRAK is approximately a mile and the man was found 3 miles away from his residence. K9 Star also crossed a busy four-lane highway during the search with no issues.
“Deputy Cooper and K9 Star are one of the most successful scent discriminate K9 teams we’ve had the honor of training through the Bringing The Lost Home Project,” said Scent Evidence K9 CEO, Paul Coley. “The trailing work and use of the Scent Kit put search resources where they needed to be and the man was located quickly. This was an excellent example of integrated search strategies and teamwork by Dep. Cooper and the Safe Trak search teams,” continued Coley.
The missing man was previously provided a Scent Kit as part of the Bringing The Lost Home Project and this latest find marks the 84th missing person or suspect recovery for participating Florida agencies in just 2 years!
All 3 of the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Bloodhound Teams have had 16 missing person recoveries and suspect locations since participating in the Bringing The Lost Home Project with Scent Evidence K9. Here are a few of their amazing K-9 finds!

Scent Kits Help Superstar K-9 Team Bring The Lost Home

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Deputy, Amante Gabriel A. Bacolor, and K9 Oakley located a missing juvenile with autism on March 8, 2021, using a Scent Evidence K9 Scent Kit that had been prepared in advance. The Scent Kit program was implemented a few months prior as part of the Bringing The Lost Home Project.
St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office is one of the select agencies participating in the successful Scent Evidence K9 Training program that has now seen all 3 of its Bloodhound teams and teams in neighboring Putnam County have multiple confirmed suspect trails and lifesaving missing person recoveries. Rep. Scott Plakon, the project’s sponsor, recently attended a huge press conference to kick off Bringing The Lost Home in St. Johns County.

New SJSO Bloodhound, K9 Daisy, Confirms Suspect Trail

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, Dep. Melanie Merritt and her brand new bloodhound, K9 Daisy, successfully confirmed an 18-hour aged trail of a suspect during a search conducted on Oct. 8, 2020, in St. Johns County. K9 Daisy met Dep. Merritt only a few weeks before and the new K9 team are already providing results that create a safer community for the people of St. Johns County Florida.

K9 Daisy was trained by Scent Evidence K9 and has been making headlines since she was a puppy after being named to honor Rep. Scott Plakon’s wife, Susie, who passed from Alzheimer’s Disease. Daisies were Susie Plakon’s favorite flower. To read about the Bringing The Lost Home Press Conference in St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Click HERE.

Having a Scent Kit prepared in advance can help responders like Dep. Cooper and K9 Star find your loved ones if they go missing. Get Your Scent Kits HERE
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