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Trained Scent Discriminate K9s

Scent Evidence K9 offers a great selection of Trained Scent Discriminate K9s and Electronic Communication Device Scent Detection Labradors.

Scent Discriminate Bloodhounds

Trained scent discriminate K9'sScent discriminate bloodhounds are the cornerstone of successful K9 trailing teams. Scent Evidence K9 dogs are trained to the demanding standards of our M77® Human Scent Discriminate K9 Training Plan, utilizing registered and standardized scent discriminate trailing processes for training our AKC registered K9s. Each Trained K9 has been socialized and trained to trail one to twenty-four-hour aged trails. We have an amazing collection of field-ready trained bloodhounds available for purchase.

Scent Detection Labradors (ECD)

Trained scent discriminate K9'sThe highly-specialized field of Electronic Communication Device (ECD) K9 scent detection is an essential tool in today’s rapidly advancing technological world. Our scent detection Labradors are trained using our innovative M422 Scent Detection training system to locate cell phones, flash drives, hard drives, and other electronics. Finding these devices can provide responders and investigators with critical location information or contraband. We have several Labs-In-Training that have been pre-sold and will be adding more soon. Contact [email protected] or 850-272-6950 for availability or pre-orders.




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