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Integrated Search Services and Scent Tech

SEK9 utilizes Integrated Search Services that are innovative, research-based, and field-tested. We value the needs of all stakeholders involved with missing person deployments and ensure that potentially competing needs are balanced through mutual understanding of common goals and the use of factual information in decision making. We understand the unique needs of emergency service providers, special interest groups, loved ones, and high-risk populations. We design all services and work with communities to establish integrated search systems to meet these varied needs. Contact the SEK9 Team to learn more.

The SEKR – Scent Evidence Vacuum

The SEKR was designed to meet the critical needs of crime scene investigators and missing person responders utilizing years of professional experience in the field. Agencies across the U.S. have used scent extracted with The SEKR to locate missing persons, suspects, environmental threats, invasive species, and illegal substances.

The SEKR has also been utilized extensively in the field to provide a safe alternative for K9 explosives detection training. The SEKR can extract scent from explosives materials making it possible to train in schools without bringing explosives into the school. See how Bay County Sheriff’s Office utilizes this process HERE.

Learn more about The SEKR Scent Evidence Vacuum HERE

See how Scent Evidence K9 and our FSU Homeland Security and Emergency Management partners worked together using these integrated tools to find a Missing FSU Student HERE.

SEK9 Blueprint Assessment and Implementation Consulting

We provide resource assessment and consultation services that provide communities with a Blueprint for how to establish missing person response protocols with community resources in the most effective and efficient manner.

The Scent Evidence K9 Blueprint assessment identifies the services needed to establish integrated search strategies and procedures for community organizations and law enforcement agencies. Our services provide needs assessments, awareness and education, and consultation for missing person search strategies. Our strategies involve the use of innovative tools such as The SEKR Scent Evidence Collection Vacuum, Scent Preservation Kits®, UAS (DRONES), scent discriminate dogs, K9 training, and deployment services to search for missing persons.