Bringing The Lost Home

700,000 People Go Missing Each Year.

Missing persons is a major problem in the United States and around the world. The despair and anxiety that we have personally felt and observed at missing persons scenes is almost unbearable, and the scene is played out daily.

The Scent Evidence K9 team is committed to bringing the lost home. We provide tested, proven and trusted trailing solutions that enable community organizations and law enforcement agencies to find missing persons and return them safely.

We have decades of combined experience in state and federal law enforcement and investigation, health and human services, and specialized K9 scent training techniques. We also understand the unique needs of emergency service providers, special interest groups, loved ones, and high-risk populations. Our experience and community understanding goes into the development and delivery of every SEK9 product and service.

We understand how much is on the line and how critical time becomes when the search begins. That’s why we developed our innovative Scent Preservation Kits®. It only takes a few minutes to safely secure the scent of those you love and care for. The time it can save in locating them, could save their lives.