M77® K9 Training Plan

Our comprehensive M77® K9 Training Plan is designed to develop fundamental skills in dogs and handlers for human scent discriminate trailing and utilizes an innovative field app that tracks progress, logs results, and meets SWGDOG record requirements.

M77® Human Scent Discriminate Trailing Program

Seek and You Shall Find.  Matthew 7:7

We offer initial and ongoing scent-discriminate canine trailing training for canine teams upon request and through semi-annual workshops. On-call coaching services are also available for canine handlers. Our training services include a handler-friendly spreadsheet and the SEK9 field trailing app for documenting training sessions according to the detailed training plan. This ensures important documentation for court cases.

Handlers are taught to use the standardized processes contained in the plan for training canines to indicate the presence, absence, and path of a targeted person utilizing the scent of the identified individual.

New advancements in scent-discriminate K9 training provide operational resources for searches related to missing or endangered persons, as well as investigation of violent crimes.  Utilization of scent-discriminate K9 teams in response agency daily operations is an innovative, effective, and efficient practice.

Trained K9’s

Scent Evidence K9 provides scent-discriminate bloodhounds.  Bloodhounds are used because they are the preferred breed for older trails, and they present a non-threatening image. Emergency response entities and persons can purchase K9s that have been socialized and trained to trail one to twenty-four hour aged trails.

SEK9 Field Trailing App

SEK9 connects tech with tradition. Our innovative Scent Evidence K9 field trailing app allows handlers to document data throughout the training process for each canine. that tracks progress, logs results, and meets SWGDOG record keeping requirements. Collected data can then be downloaded and analyzed to measure success.

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Registration Number: TXu 2-033-499
Effective Date of Registration: November 28, 2016