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Scent Evidence K9 Launches New Research and Development Program

Scent Evidence K9 has launched a new Research and Development program to create innovative technology solutions for the scent discriminate K9 industry. The team is comprised of Willie Smith, Andrew Janeczek, George Williams and Greg Turnage. Smith, Janeczek and Williams are all Chemical Engineering students at Florida State University. Turnage, studies Risk Management at FSU. The team has been tasked to make Paul Coley’s vision of improving scent collection technology a reality.

Scent Evidence K9 CEO and former FBI Forensic Canine Operations Specialist, Paul Coley, stated, “There is so much that we can do to improve success rates, reduce find time and create a safer environment for K9 handler teams during missing persons cases. We are just scratching the surface of what is possible by implementing technological solutions into the trailing process and we are excited by the challenges to find a better way to bring the lost home safely.”

The team has already begun work on a prototype device that it will unveil soon to the industry.

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