K9 Jill On The Trail for Naperville Police Department

Naperville, IL

After only one week on the job, K9 Jill, the newest addition to the Naperville Police Department’s K9 Unit, is already proving her super scent-detection value to the force. K9 Jill and her handler, Officer Michael Buckley, were recently deployed on their first case together which involved using scent evidence to trail multiple armed robbery suspects.

Officer Buckley met K9 Jill for the first time when he attended a week-long K9 Trailing seminar near Jackson, TN, a mere 10 days prior to the case. K9 Jill was trained by Scent Evidence K9, a Tallahassee, FL-based company, specializing in scent discriminate K9 training and scent preservation products used to locate missing persons. Scent Evidence K9 CEO and Founder, Paul Coley, stated, “Jill and Officer Buckley formed a quick partnership and were able to work effectively through the training program right out of the gate.”

Trained to locate missing persons using the SEK9 M77® Training program, K9 Jill was able to help the K9 Trailing Team locate evidence along the trail. When asked about the successful first deployment by other law enforcement officers on the scene, Officer Buckley responded, “We were both just doing what we were trained to do.”

Pictured above, left to right: SEK9 CEO, Paul Coley, K9 Jill, Officer Michael Buckley and Cole Snider.

For more information about the M77® K9 Training program, please visit scentevidencek9.com

Officer Michael Buckley and K9 Jill emerge from the woods after a successful find during a recent Scent Evidence K9 Trailing Seminar.