Seek And You Will Find

Scent Evidence K9

Seek And You Will Find – Tallahassee Family Magazine December 2017

by Zachary Caronna | Photography by Dave Barfield

You can tell a lot about a company by the office in which they conduct their business. This may seem like common sense, but it’s easy to forget because it’s more true in some cases than others. The decorations that hang on an office’s walls offer a window into the company’s image: family-owned businesses often have portraits on their walls of children or family groupings; businesses that wish to increase office morale will hang inspirational quotes, and companies wishing to convey their hip business models often put up contemporary art. Some offices will also have food and drink provided to their staff to help morale by using office coffee in Denver services or drink services that are similar so employees have a good start to their day. That first impression is the company’s way of cluing customers into what kind of service they will receive, thus shaping the clientele’s perceptions.

With this in mind, imagine walking into a building and seeing the following: a picture with the phrase “Seek and you will find”; photographs of ecstatically happy people; and a plethora of kits and jars, containing pieces of cloth and with information written on the outside.

Some clues that may offer insight regarding the nature of the business: the quote on the wall is a reference to a parable from the Bible depicting a man who loses one of his hundred sheep. He leaves the ninety-nine in order to find that one, calling to his neighbors and friends upon finding it so they can celebrate its return with him. The return of the lost one is essential and emblematic for this man: his story personifies the principle of taking someone from an uncomfortable place and bringing them back to safety and happiness.

Seek And You Will Find Article - Tallahassee Family Magazine December 2017

The jars that have been written on reside with photographs of smiling people, greeting customers as they enter. Other unopened ones sit by the front entrance, unobtrusive, until their necessity becomes obvious. The eye is drawn to the marked jars, and, thus to the connection to the happy folks covering the left-hand wall; beckoning visitors to wonder, “Are these jars behind what makes them smile?” Only after speaking to the shop’s owners and learning the significance of those marked jars, do the unused kits present themselves as items for purchase.

This central idea “people before business,” along with the strategic design of Scent Evidence K9‘s headquarters perfectly encapsulates the mindset of the people behind the operation. Paul and Donna Coley run an organization dedicated to bringing lost persons home and fighting potential heartache for families-by ensuring it never forms in the first place. It’s the perfect occupation for a pair of people with collective decades of experience helping people. Read more…