WSMV Nashville Meets K9 Nancy Dru and Talks Scent Preservation Kits with SEK9 CEO, Paul Coley

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Channel 4 Reporter, Rebecca Cardenas, got the chance to see Nancy Dru and our Scent Preservation Kits in action during the morning news in Nashville, TN during their broadcast on 4/10/18. Rebecca and the Channel 4 News team gave their viewers the opportunity to see how scent discriminate K9’s, like Nancy Dru, use scent preservation kits to help find missing persons faster and bring them home safely. Click here to view the broadcast. 

The FBI reported that 450,000 children went missing in 2017 (National Crime Information Center)   Scent Kits like our Child Safety Kit® provide an extra layer of safety for children, in case they go missing.

How Do Scent Preservation Kits Work?

A person’s scent is as unique as their fingerprint and can last up to 10 years when stored in our scientifically-tested kit. Having a scent kit prepared can significantly increase a dog’s ability to locate a child and reduces the time it takes to bring them home safely.

Our Child Safety Kit can be applied in minutes and contains a specially-treated scent storage jar, sterile scent pad, ID label, tamper-proof seal, and Child ID kit with fingerprint/DNA collection materials.

Even Superheros Need a Little Extra Protection - Get Your Child Safety Kits Today!
Even Superheroes Need A Little Extra Protection! Get Your Child Safety Kit Today!

Scent Kit is one of the most effective and affordable ways to take precautions before a missing person event occurs. Preserving one’s odor ahead of time gives responding K9 Units a head start by providing the trailing dogs with an uncontaminated scent article. When a person collects and stores their own scent, it isn’t touched by other family members, pets, or responders. This means that K9 Units do not have to go through the time-consuming dismissal process to determine who’s scent is actually on the article. In a missing persons case, time can be a matter of life and death. Scent preservation saves valuable time before the search begins and reduces the time it takes to find the lost and bring them home.






Our most vulnerable family members – people diagnosed with autism, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia – go missing at alarmingly high rates. News4’s Rebecca Cardenas met a local expert who helps find people. (4/10/18)

View the WSMV Channel 4 broadcast here!