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Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Conference 2018

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation hosted the annual TN-IAI – Tennessee Division for the International Association for Identification Conference at their headquarters in Nashville, Tn, October 9-11, 2018. Attendees, instructors, and vendors were comprised of forensic scientists, tenprint examiners, detectives, crime scene technicians, police officers, and others dedicated to the advancing of education and training for crime scene processing and forensic identification disciplines.

Scent Evidence K9 Training Manager, Trey Cash, demonstrates The SEKR.

Scent Evidence K9 CEO and former FBI Forensic K9 Operations Specialist, Paul Coley, was scheduled to present Scent Discriminate K9 Trailing best practices, new scent evidence collection techniques and discuss the growing role of scent evidence during investigations. Hurricane Michael stranded Coley in Tallahassee and the class was conducted by Marketing Director, Joe Blanton and Training Manager, Trey Cash.

The presentation featured an in-depth look at how scent evidence is used to trail missing persons and new techniques that have led to life-saving finds in recent missing person deployments such as the location of a missing Florida State University Student. A live demonstration followed utilizing scent collected from an attendee. The attendee then laid a blind trail to the back of the TBI headquarters building. Trey Cash harnessed one of our scent discriminate bloodhounds, Nancy Drew, and demonstrated the process of getting her into work-mode. Nancy Drew was given the scent that was collected and stored in our Scent Preservation Kit® and located the target attendee successfully.

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MedTech also attended the event as a vendor. MedTech distributes The SEKR, a new scent evidence collection vacuum developed by Scent Evidence K9.

The Scent Evidence K9 team would like to extend our thanks to the TBI Conference staff for their assistance and hospitality.


TN-IAI Conference 2018

TN-IAI Conference 2018TN-IAI Conference 2018