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SEK9 Bloodhound Team Helps Find Missing 2-Year-Old

The SEK9 bloodhound team assisted law enforcement authorities in the successful rescue of a missing 2-year-old in the early afternoon of 5/28/19. After receiving an assist call to search for a 2-year-old child that had been missing for approximately 3 hours, Scent Evidence K9 Trainer, Trey Cash, bloodhound Chloe, and K9 trainer/handler, Brent Jernigan, responded.

Cash and Jernigan deployed with K9 Chloe, a human scent discriminate bloodhound trained to trail a person’s unique odor. Temperatures were in the nineties and search conditions were extremely hot due to a recent weather pattern named the Death Ridge covering the Southeastern U.S.  The bloodhound team was called by The Madison County and Chester County Sheriff’s Offices to assist in the search.

Cash collected the missing child’s scent from a car seat and a dirty diaper using a new device called The SEKR. The SEKR was developed by Scent Evidence K9 to collect uncontaminated scent articles in the field to give K9’s the best chance of a successful trailing operation. After giving bloodhound Chloe the scent, she hit the trail running. After searching for approximately one hour, Chloe, Cash, and Jernigan were just a few yards away when the missing child was located alive and safe.

SEK9 Bloodhound Team Help Find Missing 2-Year-Old
Scent Evidence K9 Team pictured left to right: Brent Jernigan, K9 Chloe, and Trey Cash

“We were headed straight for the child. Chloe was on the right trail again!” said Cash. This is the second time Cash and Chloe have helped locate a missing child and helped save their life. In 2018, the K9 team searched for a missing 10-year-old in the area and located her in the woods during freezing cold and rainy weather. “We used The SEKR Scent Evidence Vacuum in both of those cases and it helped us begin the search right away. If the family of the missing child had prepared a Scent Preservation Kit® beforehand, we could’ve started searching even faster and time is crucial in a missing person case,” stated Cash.  “We are thankful that another missing child has been found alive and is home safe. We are proud to have been a part of the efforts that brought her home safe.” continued Cash.

This is the 7th find for scent discriminate trailing bloodhound Chloe. Learn how you can protect and prepare your family before they get lost or go missing with The Scent Preservation Kit® HERE.