Naperville Bloodhound Trails Double Shooting Suspect

A Naperville bloodhound team confirmed the trail of a double shooting suspect in Illinois this week. Officer, Michael Buckley, and K-9  Jill of the Naperville, IL Police Department were called to a suburb of Chicago to assist with a double shooting.

K-9 Jill, a scent discriminate bloodhound, was requested in order to map a potential route taken by the offender after the incident occurred. Scent was collected from the offender as he was detained a few blocks away.

K-9 Jill trailed approximately 1 mile to where the offender was detained. The trail was confirmed by witnesses placing the subject running through their yards and also talking on his phone in another witness’s yard. Jill trailed through all yards in which witness’s viewed him after the incident.

The trail was further confirmed later in the evening as a patrol dog was requested to conduct an article search. Using the path trailed by Jill, the patrol dog was able to locate the possible offender’s cellphone along Jill’s trailed path.

Naperville Bloodhound Team Trained To Save Lives and Find Bad Guys

Naperville Police Department Bloodhound Team Find Hit and Run Suspect.
Pictured left to right: SEK9 CEO, Paul Coley, K9 Jill, Officer Michael Buckley and Cole Snider.

The Naperville bloodhound team was trained by Scent Evidence K9 and have multiple deployment successes to their credit. Click HERE to read about their first search that occurred only hours after K-9 Jill arrived at the Naperville Police Department.

Ofc. Buckley and K-9 Jill have also received a Chief’s Commendation for tracking down a hit and run suspect in 5-degree weather while assisting the Illinois State Police.  Thanks for working hard to create a safer community for the people you serve! Read more here… 

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