On The Trail October 2017 Edition

On The Trail – October 2017

The SEK9 team welcomes all of our new subscribers to the blog! This edition of On The Trail takes a look at our recent K9 Trailing Seminar, New K9 Handler Team Success, and Community Partnerships. Let’s hit the trail!

K9 Trailing Seminar – Winning At The Starting Line

The Scent Evidence K9 Trailing Seminar on October 2 – 6 featured presentations by the FBI Forensic Canine Team and the FSU Emergency Management and Homeland Security Team, that included drone overwatch and recon during trailing exercises. The event was hosted by Madison County Sheriff, John Mehr, and conducted at the new West Tennessee Training Center in Jackson, TN. Former FBI Forensic K9 Operations Specialist and SEK9 CEO, Paul Coley and Executive VP, Donna Coley, presented the latest missing persons statistics, scent preservation technology, and scent collection techniques to area law enforcement groups.
The week-long seminar began by highlighting preliminary K9 trailing actions and demonstrated how the use of Scent Preservation Kits and standardized scent discriminate K9 Training can be utilized to achieve trailing location success and faster find times.
The seminar then focused on specialized one on one K9 handler training using our registered M77 Scent Discriminate Training Program. Officer Michael Buckley, Naperville PD, was in attendance to meet the newest addition to his K9 Unit, K9 Jill. The new K9 team was called out within hours of returning from the seminar. More on this amazing team in the next story!

Officer Michael Buckley, Naperville PD, and K9 Jill emerge from the woods after a successful trailing exercise!

K9 Jill On The Trail for Naperville Police Department

After only one week on the job, K9 Jill, the newest addition to the Naperville Police Department’s K9 Unit, is already proving her super scent-detection value to the force. K9 Jill and her handler, Officer Michael Buckley, were recently deployed on their first case together which involved using scent evidence to trail multiple armed robbery suspects. Click to Read More


Highland County Sheriff’s Office Implements Scent Preservation Kit Program

Abel Ritenour is 4 years old. He is also autistic, and that makes him especially vulnerable to getting lost.So when Abel’s grandmother sent his mother, Cindy Ritenour, a Scent Preservation Kit from Scent Evidence K9, she had two reactions — one as a mom, and the other as the administrative aide for the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Bureau.

“I thought it was a great idea, not only for my family, but for anybody who is a caretaker for an autistic child or an elderly person with dementia since they are at risk of getting lost,” Ritenour said.

An American Pediatric Association study shows that almost 50 percent of autistic children will go missing at least once by the age of 17. The numbers are even higher for adults with dementia — 6 in 10 will get lost at some point. Click here to read more!

Scent Preservation Kit Case Study – 4 1/2 Year Preserved Scent Test

SEK9 CEO Joins Elder Affairs Care & Cure Initiative Task Force

Photo: Christine Sherrill, Dept. of Elder Affairs and Paul Coley
The Department of Elder Affairs, in partnership with the North Florida Area Agency on Aging and the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Memory Disorder Clinic, recently appointed SEK9 CEO, Paul Coley, as a member of the Dementia Care and Cure Initiative’s Task Force. The Task force is made up of local professionals and stakeholders who share a vested interest in serving those with dementia, their families, and their caregivers
The Dementia Care and Cure Initiative has three goals:
• Increase awareness of dementia and of services and supports for those with dementia, their families, and caregivers
• Develop community work plans and provide assistance to dementia-caring communities
• Promote and advocate for dementia care and cure programsPaul and the Scent Evidence K9 team will be working to provide vital input to help the organization execute the goals of this important initiative and to better serve those with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia.

Studies show 6 out of 10 with Dementia will go Missing. Learn more

Scent Evidence K9 Featured in Sept./Oct. Edition of K9 Cop Magazine
How Scent Preservation Is Helping K-9 Teams Find Missing Persons.

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