Trained Bloodhounds Help Track Down Two Men in Henry County, TN

Scent Evidence K9 is always proud to report the successes of our trained bloodhounds in the field and the work performed by law enforcement K9 Units to keep communities safe.

The story below recounts the events of a recent find in Tennessee by the Henry County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit. Adora, a scent discriminate K9, trained by SEK9 founder and CEO, Paul Coley, has been on the job for just over a year in Henry County with her handler, Sgt. Wayne Fuqua.

Adora was trained using the standards of our registered M77® Scent Discriminate Training Program.  Scent Evidence K9 now offers handler certification that surpasses SWGDOG requirements designed to meet the needs of law enforcement and response agencies looking to improve or enhance their K9 search capabilities.

Congratulations to the Henry County Sheriff’s Office on a successful find and to Deputy Bostwick, Rowdy, Sgt. Fuqua and Adora for their hard work in protecting their communities.

WUMF – Paris, Tenn.– Two men are now in custody after crashing their vehicle and fleeing on foot, thanks in part to the Henry County Sheriff’s Office hosting a K9 school this week. The press release from Capt. Adam Jenkins said Trooper Jeremy Byars with the THP attempted to stop a vehicle on Whitehead Road when the vehicle crashed and the two suspects fled on foot.

The HCSO was hosting the K9 school and Sgt. Wayne Fuqua with Adora and Dep. Stacey Bostwick with Rowdy initiated a track on both suspects. K9 Rowdy was able to track one of the suspects, Jeremy Groves and Sgt. Brian Davis took him into custody.

Henry County, TN K9s Rowdy, Adora Track Down Two Men After Evading Arrest

Sgt. Fuqua and Adora initiated the 2nd track and about half a mile later, Sheriff Monte Belew was able to take Christopher Patterson into custody. Search of the vehicle revealed a handgun and hydrocodone pills. Both suspects were transported to jail.

Groves was charged with evading arrest, DUI, driving on suspended license, reckless driving, and unlawful possession of a handgun. Patterson was charged with evading arrest and simple possession.

Dep. Stacey Bostwick, with Rowdy and Sgt.Wayne Fuqua with Adora along with suspect Christopher Patterson. (HCSO photo)