Liberty County Scent Discriminate K9 Team Finds Evidence

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office scent discriminate K9 team of K9 Charlie and Capt. Lonnie Bowman used scent trailing techniques and scent collection technology to help find evidence in a shooting case in Liberty County, GA.  K9 Charlie, a scent discriminate bloodhound trained to trail a person’s unique scent, was deployed to find crucial evidence in the case. K9 Charlie and Capt. Bowman were both trained by Scent Evidence K9 CEO, Paul Coley.

K9 Charlie and handler Capt. Lonnie Bowman have had multiple confirmed trails that resulted in finding suspects and saving lives of missing persons in the Liberty County GA area.

Here is the LCSO report:

June 14, 2020

Weapon recovered by dive team from pond after K9 Charlie trailAt approximately 2330 hours Captain Bowman and K9 Charlie were requested to respond to 620 Live Oak Church Road to assist in locating a subject for Aggravated Assault after shooting his girlfriend multiple times. Captain Bowman and Charlie trailed the suspect, a Mr. Lennon Smiley, to the backyard of the residence where he swam into a pond and then continued approximately 1 mile to a parking lot where it was determined Smiley was picked up in a vehicle.

Detectives later recovered the suspected firearm from the pond with the assistance of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team.

Smiley is still at large and wanted on multiple felony charges.

Scent Discriminate K9 Team Training for K9’s and Handlers

Scent Evidence K9 CEO, Paul Coley had recently conducted a training seminar for the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office that focused on training patrol dogs to trail a person’s scent. Coley is finding great success in cross-training Patrol Dogs who have previously been trained to track ground disturbance and footfall.

K9 Keno and handler Cpl. Abbgy were deployed only 2 days after receiving the training. The deployment resulted in a confirmed trail. Coley stated, “Our M77 Human Scent Discriminate Training Program increases the K9 Units search capabilities by giving them the tools to locate a specific person for greater distances in both urban hard-surface and wooded environments. Adding new scent discriminate search tools to an existing teams skill set makes the dog and the handler more valuable to the department and increases their rate of success.”  Watch a trail from K9 Keno and Cpl. Aggby’s training 2 days prior to the deployment HERE.


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