Scent Evidence K9 Announces Rex the Rescue Pup Book Release

Scent Evidence K9 is excited to announce the release of Rex the Rescue Pup, a new children’s’ book available on Amazon.

Rex the Rescue Pup is a fun way to help kids discover the importance of finding their unique talents. While trying to fit in with the other animals on the farm, the young bloodhound soon learns how his extraordinary differences can be used to help find the lost and bring them home safely.

Rex the Rescue Pup barks at bullfrogs











Written by first-time author, Cassie Coley, the book was designed to create awareness for the work her family does to help locate missing children using Scent Discriminate K9’s like Rex.

Her father, Paul Coley, is a former FBI Forensic Canine Specialist and founder-CEO of Scent Evidence K9, a leading national provider of Scent Preservation Kit® products and Scent Discriminate K9 Training for law enforcement agencies. Paul also works with Autism and Alzheimer’s Disease organizations to help protect those at greater risk of going missing. His groundbreaking Scent Preservation Kit® is being utilized by law enforcement agencies, family members, and caregivers around the world to help protect those they love and care for. For more information visit scentevidencek9.com

The entertaining 48-page story was edited by Scent Evidence K9 Executive Vice President, Donna Coley, and features full-color illustrations by Joe Blanton and Photography by Tammy Grider.

The book is dedicated to Dedicated to Rex Stockham a dedicated FBI Agent who was committed to
Bringing the Lost Home.


Click here to order the book on Amazon Rex the Rescue Pup Available on Amazon