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Liberty County Bloodhound Locates Armed Robbery Suspect

Liberty County Bloodhound Locates Armed Robbery Suspect

The K9 Team of LCSO Captain, Lonnie Bowman, and K9 Charlie assisted the Hinesville GA Police Department in the arrest of an armed robbery suspect. K9 Charlie is a scent discriminate bloodhound specially trained to trail a specific human scent. This is the seventh successful trailing deployment for K9 Charlie and handler, Capt. Lonnie Bowman since Charlie joined the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office in June 2019. The K9 Team was trained by Scent Evidence K9 where they received their handler team certification. Here is the official Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Press Release.





For Immediate Release

Contact: Captain Lonnie Bowman [email protected]

February 6, 2020

Arrest Made in Armed Robbery with the Assistance of Liberty County K-9 Charlie

 On February 3, 2020, at 8:55 pm, Liberty County Sheriff Office investigated an Armed Robbery on Joyner Road in Hinesville.  The description of the two suspects involved was shared with local agencies.  Three hours into the investigation Hinesville Police Department officer’s conducted a traffic stop in the area of General Screven Drive and identified the parties in that stop as possible suspects in the Armed Robbery.  Both suspects fled from the traffic stop.  Hinesville Police Department was able to quickly apprehend the passenger, 20-year-old Russell Hills.  Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Captain, Lonnie Bowman, deployed his K-9 partner Charlie and located the second suspect, 25-year-old Maynard Potter, in the area of Azalea Street.

K-9 Charlie has been with Liberty County Sherriff’s Office since July of 2019 and has seven successful tracking deployments.

Scent Discriminate Bloodhound Charlie – Trailing Success Stories

Capt. Bowman and K9 Charlie had successful trailing deployments within weeks of arriving in Liberty County Georgia. They have assisted in locating missing children, fleeing suspects, and drug growers. The K9 Team was trained using the Scent Evidence K9 M77® Training Plan developed by CEO, Paul Coley, who will be conducting the training for the Liberty County Patrol Dog Units Mar. 23-26, 2020. Learn more about our Human Scent Discriminate K9 Training HERE. We appreciate the Liberty County Sheriff, Steve Sikes and the LCSO commitment to creating a safer community for the people they protect and serve and we look forward to hearing about K9 Charlie’s future work. Here are a few links to the stellar bloodhound team’s past trailing successes.

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Liberty County Sheriff’s Office has also implemented one of our Scent Kit® programs to help protect it’s citizens before they get lost and go missing. The Scent Kit® helps responders like Capt. Bowman and K9 Charlie, find a missing person faster by providing the K9 with an uncontaminated scent article. Learn more about Scent Kits® how you can protect your loved ones HERE.

Liberty County Bloodhound Locates Armed Robbery Suspect