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Naperville Bloodhound Team Finds Evidence In Robbery Case

The Naperville bloodhound team of Officer Michael Buckley and K9 Jill located 2 pieces of evidence in an Illinois aggravated robbery case. The bloodhound team has had a prolific series of trailing successes in their 2 years of service with the Naperville Police Department. Recent successes by the Naperville bloodhound team include Finding a Hit and Run Suspect and a Double Shooting Suspect. Ofc. Buckley and K-9 Jill received the Chief’s Commendation Award for tracking down the hit and run suspect in 5-degree weather while assisting the Illinois State Police. Here is Officer Buckley’s report of the aggravated robbery evidence find.

Naperville, IL – Feb. 2020

I was advised the search request was a result of an aggravated robbery. The offenders were last reported to be seen running westbound. I was requested to utilize bloodhound “Jill” in an attempt to locate the offenders. I collected two knives (one of the knives was used as a weapon) in a manila envelope for scent articles.

I prepared Jill for deployment and relocated to the sidewalk area. Upon presentation of the collected scent articles, Jill cast in all directions of travel and then proceeded westbound. Jill then continued northbound and then eastbound through the parking lot. A purse of the victim was located on the grass just west of an apartment building. Jill continued her trail between two apartment buildings and then southbound. A possible wrapping to the victim’s iPhone was located on the grass. Jill then continued her trail to the west of the original apartment building.

Naperville bloodhound team Trails Double Shooting Suspect

Naperville K9 Team Uses Scent Discriminate K9 Training and Scent Tech To Find Suspects

Officer Buckley and K9 Jill were both trained by Scent Evidence K9 using a specialized Human Scent Discriminate Training Program called M77®. The training program was developed by SEK9 CEO, Paul Coley and is being utilized by law enforcement and K9 responders across the U.S. and internationally to find missing persons and suspects using their unique scent. Coley has also developed a new scent evidence vacuum device called The SEKR® to help investigators collect uncontaminated scent articles at the scene. Officer Buckley and K9 Jill were among the first participants in the testing phase of the SEKR®.

The SEKR testing conducted by the Illinois K9 Unit consisted of vacuuming the scent from a spent shell casing and trailing the target who had loaded the ammunition.  This image shows the GPS trail results from the double-blind field test. The target path is in blue and the K9 Trailing Team is in red. The results not only demonstrate the power of scent discriminate K9 training but the accuracy that can be achieved when trailing an uncontaminated scent article obtained from the scene. Click HERE to learn more about the SEKR.